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Bill, Florida - Parts

Wanted to thank you guys for the great service. Loyd must be the owner as he was the one that helped me and understood what I wanted and made it happen. Good service. I will visit the suggested sites when I have more time and leave a review.
FL Bill

Dr. C, Oklahoma - Parts

Just a note. I am extremely impressed with your company and especially your customer service. It is rare these days to find a company that truely understands what real customer service means to a customer. You have been so professional, it's just very refreshing. Thanks.
If you would ever want a testimonial about your company, please let me know as I am very much a fan.
Vicki C, DC

Richard L, Florida - Parts

In the future when I need anything for my pocketPC I will always refer back to you guys because of the service and understanding that you have show me here.
I appreciate everything and the part that I recieved from you worked wonderful. My PPC is now up and running properly again after being out of service for over a year. Thanks again.
Richard L

David F, Virginia - Parts

I must compliment PocketPCTechs on your customer service and follow up – just a note to say well done! 
As a customer I want what I order yesterday, but by PocketPCTechs keeping me informed on a voluntary basis, you have made a good impression and I will look to my future needs with you and recommend PocketPCTechs to my friends and coworkers.
Yours sincerely
David F

George A - Parts

Thank you very much for your prompt attention and delivery and most of all for the excellent product. Though only a simple adapter, it fits a serious need and resolves a nagging problem faced by T-Mobile MDA owners (HTC Wizard).
If you read the various forums, you will know the crisis that many phone owners  are dealing with. As you obviously know, the Wizard's "standard" 2.5mm jack is not quite standard: Only one channel when using a truly standard 2.5mm set of headphones.
I will be sure to respond to all of the posters in the forums who are at a loss for a solution. You deserve it. Nice work.
I am a computer consultant of 20 years and I and my clients will indeed use your products and services in the future.
Thank you very much,
George A

Jeremy C, Canada - Parts

Hello PPCTechs,
I just wanted to write you and commend you on your exceptional service. I will most certainly do business with your company again and would like to extend my sincere Thanks for your quick turn around time on my order.
Jeremy C

Chuck T, North Carolina - Parts

Received the shipment today. Thank you for the careful packaging and attention to detail. Everything worked as advertised and the new side grips have a satisfying feel. It's good to have the PC back in action.

Dean, Missouri - Parts

Hi Folks--
well it has been 6 months since getting the I730 headphone adapters from PPC Tech... as well as the screen protectors... What can I say other than..I am soooo Glad that I bought them... My Bose Headset on the Plane sound fantastic ( we are talking SWA 737-300 aka I can't hear you without handsignals).
I have to laugh -- A Bose sales rep saw me wearing my headphones in the airport attached to my phone and ask how they sound -- I was playing some of 196b WMA's. The look on his face was priceless... He was expecting with the adapter that there would signal loss... ooouuu not even.... So I fired up the PPC tech website to show where I got the adapter.. ooh how I love this phone --
With the WriteScreen protector - the best part when I wear my polarized sunglasses I can read the screen without issue.. So Thanks Lloyd and Leonard... and hopefully I made a sale for you.. Cheers Dean

Jay A, Missouri - Parts

I recieved my shipment today. You have excellent service and customer care. I'll be back to spend more $$$ with you guys.
Put me on your mailing/emailing distributions.
Excellent Job!
Jay A

Tom L, Oregon - Parts

Hello Leonard and Russell,
    I will defiantly post positive reviews, on the links you provided, of not only your Retractable Sync Cable, but also the way you expediently reply to, and take care of, a customer.
    It is a rare thing to find a Company that not only stand behind their products but also bend over backwards to make sure the customer is taken care of, and is happy.
    You and Your Company defiantly fit the definition of quality which I always state as:
 "Quality is Complete Customer Satisfaction through Quality Products and Services"
Thank you both.
Tom L

Larry C, Utah - Parts

Thanks!  You made explanation simple and service wonderful.  I appreciate your help and I do not normally send out these e-mails but you wre so service oriented that I wanted to.
Best Regards,
Larry C

Bill C, Ohio - Parts

Hi Russel, I did receive the side grip for the Ipaq 2215 and it works great. I will post a positive on one of these sites. I like your business philisopy. Being self employed myself, I can tell that you value the customer because if you treat them right, they'll come back. That's the only way to go. Keep it up.
Bill C

Chuck N, Illinois - Parts

Thank you for your prompt service. I have received replacement side covers for my HP iPAQ and they work great. It was a real pleasure dealing with your company. The web ordering went very smooth and the package arrived very quickly.
Chuck N

David G, South Carolina - Parts

I hated the audio interface on my Tungsten C until I found you "PPCPADPT07" device. It works great! Although it's only "dual-mono" it makes a huge difference. Your product saved me the time of rigging up something that probably wouldn't have worked as well. I'll definitley recommend your site to my friends.

Mike S, Tennessee - Parts

Hi Leonard,
I just wanted to write and tell you what a great shopping experience I had with pocketpctech.com .... My items arrived today (a few days early =), and everything works great! Also the time from ordering to shiping were extrememly fast compared to most online retailers ...
Thanks again, and happy new year.

Sunny B, Connecticut - Parts

Your Lil' Sync rocks!
I love this thing! It's so smart and practical for a fraction of the cost of the original equipment. I can now keep 3 separate computers up to date with my palm phone without lugging the cradle thing around. Do you make any other cool things for my pda phone? Also, I ordered it Sunday and got it Tuesday. What a company! I'm so happy and I'm usually a picky pain in the you-know-what - WOW. Thank you.
Sunny B

RAM Upgrades

David J, Canada - RAM Upgrade

Just a note to Sue, Bonnie and Loyd;
Thank you so much for the excellent service I received. I must say that I was somewhat anxious about sending my life (HP iPaq 6515a) anywhere not to mention that when it arrived at it's destination that someone would be taking it apart to fiddle with the guts of the unit. I wasn't sure what to expect. Sending the unit was, I thought, going to be effortless however it pays to have the paper work filled in properly and upon it's arrival to PPCTechs shop was turned away by the receiving end because of a mistake on my part. Needless to say my heart skipped a beat. Thoughts of my PDA ending up in Tim Buck Too raced through my head. I'm in Vancouver BC Canada and you are in California. However after a few simple emails you went out of your way to make sure that the unit was receive, taken care of in a timely manner and sent back unscathed. WHAT GREAT SERVICE!
With respect to the 128 meg upgrade I have only one regret. I neglected to take a screen shot of the memory section of the 6515a to prove what a ideal upgrade this has been. This is a slam dunk and should be on the list of every 6516a owner. I have attached a jpg of what the memory looks like now. Bare in mind that this is after I have restored all my programs and running services. The device works flawlessly all be it for the few hours I have had it back and I expect it will and that if a problem arises PPCTechs will handle the issue with the same excellent service. As a note regarding the attached jpg memory prior to the upgrade was running in the 13 meg free range for programs and 2 to 4 meg for storage. Incredible.
I do believe that most of the problems the HP iPaq 6515a has, rebooting for no reason for example, is directly related to the memory. As a result I would not hesitate suggesting this upgrade to anyone else who owns the same or similar PDA.
Thanks again Sue, Bonnie and Loyd for your excellent service.
David J

Richard B, United Kingdom - RAM Upgrade


Jason P, Utah - RAM Upgrade

Thank you russell for the quick turn around time and the amount of communication you provide your customers.  So many online stores do not communicate with their customers about order status/shipment/delivery.  I for one thank you and Pocket PC Techs for your cusotmer service!!
Jason P

George E, Florida - RAM Upgrade

Pleasure doing business with you folks. I'm looking forward to receiving my "re-born" X50V soon. You have a very smooth, pleasant, and super-efficient operation. Why can't everything work this well?
George E

Kevin P, California - RAM Upgrade

Hello.  I received my PDA back safely.  I am VERY pleased with your service, work and reasonable price.
Thank you, Thank you.
Kevin P

Dave A, Iowa - RAM Ugrade

I received my pocket pc yesterday evening. I am very impressed and satisfied by your work! The unit was in flawless condition and the screen
protector was applied perfectly. I spent a great deal of time reloading and testing each application individually. With the exception of just two apps - Calligrapher and the Sprite Backup (which I expected must run from main memory) - everything I have loads and runs from the t2tdisk perfectly.
I appreciate your work and the very quick turnaround.
Count me as a very satisfied and happy customer!

Bryan A, Virginia - RAM Upgrade

Leonard - I just wanted to thank you folks - I was travelling this week, but came home to my upgraded hx4700 - it's great! I'd absolutely recommend PocketPCTechs!  Great job!  Thanks!, Bryan

B Jas. - Ohio

I was very scared about sending in my PDA (Dell Axim X51v) into PPCTechs. But, they helped me get it to them safely, and they kept me on track with everything. Sue has kept me up-to-date on what is happening. I was "PDAless" for a little less than a week (I shipped out my PDA with FedEx 2 day shipping). PPCTechs applied the screen protector I ordered for no charge at all! Screen protectors can be a pain to install... Anyways, when I get my PDA back, I am just shocked. After I restored all of my data via Sprite Backup (wonderful program; highly suggest it), my Axim booted faster than it previously did, and I have about 90mb of RAM left (I have many today plugins running.)

I am very pleased with their service, and I highly suggest their RAM upgrade! Sue, Jose, you guys are great people! Keep up the work you are already doing! You guys have a wonderful company there; and if I ever need another Pocket PC related item, I will look at you first.

Repair Services

Doug S, Illinois - Repair Services

Got my MDA and it works great...just wanted to say thanks.

Dean B, Florida - Repair Services

Awesome Service! Thank You! Dean B

Walter B, Oregon - Repair Services

Good job guys!! I'm stoked to have it back so fast!!
Walter B

Richard H, Pennsylvania - Repair Services

Sorry I am late in responding but I wanted to have time to test the results for your work. And I am happy to say that I am very pleased. I can now hook up my Dell Axim X50v to my Garmin D10 GPS and ride my motorcycle without worrying about the power being cut off leaving me stranded. I like to take off and go where my whims take me and then at the end of the day, press HOME on my GPS and have confidence that I will be home in time for dinner. The quality of your work and your quick friendly service will keep me coming back for my repair needs.
Regards, Richard

Rami J, Colorado - Repair Services

I would like to thank you for the awesome service that you give me. My device was repaired and it works very well now. Thank you again for your care and great service.
Best Regards
Rami J

Daniel V, Canada - Repair Services

Excellent service, to say the least!I am very happy that you found the problem which was only occurring when my external phone speaker was used inside a leather case and further more, was intermittent. Well done, then. You have excellent technicians! Thanks for everything, Daniel

Peter M, California - Repair Services

You guys are better then good, you are fantastic.....the follow-up tells me everything. I'm the IT person in our company that decides to repair or throw out the PDA's. That was before I heard of you guys, we tossed the items.
This shipment, was my personal unit, and as you can see I purchased the unit on eBay. Much to my surprise, finding out that it wasn't just the glass that was broke, but the touch screen as well. So I decided to go ahead with the repair anyway. Maybe there is a deal in it for me, because I will send you more items from our drawers...
Thanks for this super nice and very very fast service, I can't ask for any more then that. My hat of to you. If any of our PDA fail, I know where this service will be done. :-) Have a nice day, and thanks again.....Peter

Nabil D, Michigan - Repair Services

Greetings Loyd: I am thankful for yr Excellent & GREAT co-op & support, Nabil D

Stefania C, Italy - Repair Services

Dear Russell and Precious PocketPCTechs Team,
I'm back from a needed holiday and only today I found the time to write some lines about my Qtek finally repaired by you.
Thank you very much. I'm surprised form your well-done and quick job, and I'll surely post some positive feedbacks on the Blogs and NG suggested in your last mail.
Thanks again and, if the case, contact me if you need a sort of Italian representative to grow your influence on the Italian market and solve issues or better support Italian customers.
Have a nice day

Richard C, Virginia - Repair Services

Loyd: I am most pleased to say that I received the unit back on Friday and something that you did fixed the unit. I now get good signal comparable to when the phone was originally purchased. Thank you for your help.
Richard C

Randall W, Pennsylvania

Dear Sirs,
Last night I sent an e-mail to you thinking I was short 1 crystal-CLEAR Write-Shield in my order I received yesterday along with my repaired Cingular 8525 (screen was broken).  However, when i started to prepare the new screen on my 8525 to put a Write-Shield on it, I noticed that you folks had already kindly applied the "missing" Write-Shield to the new screen.  You put it on so perfectly, I didn't even know it was there!!!!!
So please disregard my e-mail from yesterday saying I was short a Write-Shield.  I FOUND IT!!!
Thank you for your excellent, excellent service.
Randall W

Alejandro T, New York - Repair Service

Dear Pocketpctechs,
Recently you repaired my ppc and i sure thought it was a goner when i sent it to you.
Thank you so much for your work. I never had service this great.
The best part was the close contact with the staff and repair techs and
the wonderful attention to detail. When you guys say repair, you mean it.
I only wish to find other companies running such a great philosophy.
Your screen protectors and cleaners are also top notch.
If anyone asks, I will direct them your way. Alejandro T, NY

Mike D, Oregon - Repair Services

Here is a link to the thread I started over at PDAPhoneHome.  There really wasn't a
good thread already running to drop this into, so I started one instead.  Thank you for your
excellent service, I'm very glad to have my device back, and it looks to be functioning
perfectly.  Sincerely, Mike D

Bill N, California - Repair Services

Thanks so much for an honest answer. I was very pleased with your work before & your honesty just makes me more impressed & if I will be a return customer (if I need to) & will refer you to others. Bill N

Jeff S, Texas - Repair Services

Loyd, Thank you very much for the prompt service. I received my I-Mate back today and it appears to be functioning as good as new.
I tried to post to one of the forums you requested but was having difficulty registering. Please feel free to use this email as proof of another satisfied customer. I would recommend you and your Company to anyone needing service on their pocket pc. Sincerely, Jeff S

Anthony G, Texas - Repair Services

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your services.  I am not the kind of person to randomly write notes such as this, but your company has far surpassed my expectations.  Your technicians resolved a problem for the price quoted in a very fast time frame and the repair is solid.  I was somewhat nervous about sending it in.  The workmanship was outstanding and very precise.  The flow of communication to your clients was jaw dropping and refreshing in this day and age.  And the price was very fair for the technical aptitude that was purchased.  Amazing!  I will be recommending you to my clients and friends.
Anthony G

Russel R, Ohio - Repair Services

Thank you very much. PocketPCtechs is a godsend =). Keep up the great work and happy New Years to you and company.
Russel R

LV, Nevada - Repair Services

I dont't know where to start. First, I want to thank your customer support for being so helpful in answering my questions which allowed me to go through with your services. I would like to also thank your technician(s) for doing an excellent job in replacing my screen and with the application of the screen protector. All I had to do was put back in my stylus, memory card and sim card. All my settings, programs, applications and especially my contacts were intact so I was good to go. Finally, not only was I supposed to receive this shipment tomorrow, I received it a day earlier which was today. I wanted to say thanks again for your overall support and services.
Your very satified customer,

Mark R, Michigan - Repair Services

I just wanted to write a quick not and thank you for fizing my 8125. Amazing Service! In a world of shotty customer service, you exceeded my expectations. Albeit, that's not too hard to do these days, you went above and beyond in repairing the screen on my 8125, after I slammed it in my rear door of the SUV. As a sales guy, I live on this device and having it out of commission for too long, was not an option. I sent it in and voila, 3-4 days later, I received it back at my office, packed professionally in foam and anti-static bags. I hope I never need your service again, but if I do or if anyone I know does, you'll be the first one reccommended. THANKS AGAIN! Mark R

Anthony S, California - Repair Services

I want to thank you for your swift service. I can't beleive I recived the phone back within 72 hours of shipping it! I will go to several of the web pages you sent and rave about your service!!!! 

Michael T, North Carolina - Repair Services

PPCTechs, Wow. In all my experience with online support and customer service in general, I have never worked with a more easily accessible, quick, friendly, or reliable company. Thank you for resolving my issues expediantly and with ansurpassed level of customer service. Keep up the good work; I will be sure to refer all of my PPC-toting friends to PPCTechs.com for all of their upgrades and repairs. Sincerely, Michael T

Brett N, Michigan - Repair Services

Loyd,  Thanks again, the phone looks great and the backup seems to have gone flawless, excellent job really appreciate everything, I have written a review of my experience with you guys, best of luck, and thanks again, I'll check the site back occasionally as I really like that you guys offer the RAM upgrades, and may consider this in the future for fun on my 8125. Brett N.

Jeff R, Wisconsin - Repair Services

PC Techs,  Sorry I can not post any reviews for you as I am not a member of those groups. I did want to thank you for an excellent job. I like many users were very disappointed in Dell as to not cover there products for repair after warranty. I was a little anxious to send it out for repair, but after my experience I am completely satisfied. I was more than happy to send you the payment for the job well done rather than to Dell for another Axim. Thanks again, and excellent return shipping as well as updates through out the short amount of time to repair it. Please feel free to use this mail as you see fit. Thanks again! Jeff R

Bill C, Nebraska - Repair Services

Hello to you Sir,
I just had to send you a note and tell you how much I respect Pocketpctechs for doing such a great job in fixing my LCD screen, and also for fixing my touch sensetive internal keyboard. Thank You for such a wonderfull job. I,am going to
tell everybody about you. Bill 

John W, Michigan - Repair Services

Martina, I want to complement you on your service. I received my Hp 6315 last night and have loaded the backup and am up and running. The screen looks and operates great. Your timeliness and quality of service are to be commended. You can count on my future business. I will post in some of the web sites as requested below. Regards, John

Michael K, California - Repair Services

I just have to say “AMAZING”. I would never have imagined that I could send my pda with broken screen to be fixed and in 4 business days and 1 weekend get it back. Literally sent it on Thursday and got it back on Tuesday WOW. You guys are AWESOME!!!!! Thank you very much, Michael K

Jon P, Washington - Repair Services

I just had to send you guys a note from a very satisfied customer. The fact that you exist at all is fabulous. You saved my quite new LOOX 720 from the trash and did it with an amazing turn around time. What’s more, I found that I didn’t even need to restore any of the several backups I made before sending you the device as it wasn’t cold booted!!! Even the packing materials reflect the great care you take in serving your customers and protecting their devices. You’ve got a huge fan here and I’ll be shouting your name from the housetops! Thanks again. Jon P

Matt, Hawaii - Repair Services

Hi, "Thanks for a great job on the repair; it’s working perfectly.  Everyone knows that in the modern world, customer service is usually a bad, bad joke…but not with Pocket PC Techs.  After my unit was repaired, not only did you attach a screen protector for free, but you also telephoned me with advice on how to avoid a similar breakdown in the future.  I will continue to use you for all of my Pocket PC repairs and upgrades!”

Justin S, Michigan - Repair Services

To Whom It May Concern:  I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to do business with you.  I was very pleased with the progress that was made and my ipaq finally works!  I called you guys on various occasions and everything went smooth.  I will recommend all of my peers to you if they ever have any problems.  Thank you for helping me with my internet query.  I just ordered my wifi card and I can’t wait to implement it into my ipaq.  Thanks a lot and good luck in the future. Justin S

John K, Kansas - Repair Services

Thank you so much for a job well done. I thought I would have to purchase a new pda until I came across your website. I was originally concerned about how long it would take. My concerns were laid to rest by the constant communication of your staff. The original connection pins were replaced with something that looks more durable. I was incredibly pleased by your service. Sincerely, John

Robert M, Pennsylvania - Repair Services

WOW!! You folks are quick!
Received my unit today at noon EST, Very well packed, and wonder of wonders, you somehow were able to keep all my stuff that was on it! (I did do a backup, just as you suggested)
The repair work is beautiful.  I cannot tell that the screen was replaced.
The Blue Anodized Grips are SO MUCH BETTER than the stock rubber ones.  Makes the unit look like a real handheld now.
My reason for picking you was the recommedation in Pocket PC magazine by Hal Goldstein regarding work you had done on his PPC.
Rest assured, if I need any future repairs or aftermarket products, you folks will be on my short list of suppliers.
Thanks again to all who made my PPC good as new!
(NO!! BETTER than new!!)
Thanks again;
Robert M

Ric W, California - Repair Services

Loyd, In the past, PPCTech has provided me the full range of services, to include, the purchase of some of your items, technical assistance, and repair.  In doing so, I must be candid!  That is, simply put, I couldn’t be happier with the quality of your products and the service you provide.  Not only is your service “top notch” but the “quality” of customer service really makes a huge difference.  For example, before I decided “where” to upgrade the memory in my IPAQ,  I did a lot of research/reading about the different folks that perform the service.  Without doubt, everything I read, to include, PPC Magazine and the many on-line postings consistently gave PPCTech the #1 ranking.  Again, reputation counts!  So, please convey my sincere appreciation to all those folks at PPCTech that warrant the feedback.

John D, Missouri - Repair Services

HI, Hey thanks do much for a great job on my XDA ll. IT works great, loved all of the special touches, packing, name tags, wrapping, and it works. Thanks, will be sending my 2nd XDAll off soon as well, has the same problem and I love the screen. Thank You, John D


John W, Connecticut - Repair Services

I always make it a point to thank and give kudos to people who treat me well. I have to say that your service is quite exceptional. Not only did this whole transaction take less than a week, but you seem to be some of the most fair businesspeople I've dealt with. I am very impressed that you only charged me for the touch-screen (not the whole LCD). I had been dissappointed that just having it replaced was not an option when I ordered the repair, but was willing to pay the $160 for the whole LCD to be replaced, as I could not find just a touchscreen anywhere. Thank you very much, you have a customer (and word of mouth advertising) for life.


Tom B, Washington - Repair Services

I have received my iPAQ back and I must say I am delighted. Your service was quick and very communicative. I felt informed every step of the way and I am quite pleased that the protective screen was put on as I had requested. The unit was returned to me in "good-as-new" condition. Thank you to you and the rest of the PocketPCTechs team. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who requires your services.
Thank you again,
Tom B

WriteSHIELD® Premium Screen Protectors

Rick I, California - WriteSHIELD

Just wanted to give you guys some well deserved kudos. I just brought my new best friend (aka my Nokia e61i) down to your shop to get a screen protector for it, and the guys there were nice enough to put it on for me, and I didn't even ask. As someone whose put a grand total of 3 or 4 screen protectors on different devices, I know it saved me about 20 minutes of install time tonight. To install one at home, I always have to go into the bathroom and steam up the place real good with the shower to keep from getting bubbles under the protector. On the one hand, I'd like to say that I wish more companies like Fry's or Best Buy had service up to the level of your company, but then you might be out of business, so I'll just say that as a customer I NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE, and that's why I went back to you guys when it was time for a new protector. If you sold more things (like memory cards etc...) I would happily buy more of your products. Keep up the great work!
Rick I, California

Lorne S, Colorado - WriteSHIELD

Hello. Got one of those WriteSHIELDs installed for free on my Dell x50 pda when you upgraded my ram for me. Its the best darn thing ever. It lasted almost 1.5 years! I was the very first x50 ram upgrade you did. I was the guinea pig for you. Anyway, I now have a Pharos 600 GPS PDA Cell phone and need a protector for it. Its not listed on your site. I have a Fellows that I threw on ASAP till I could find a good one. Its pretty scratched after 3 days use! How can I get a Write Shield for my 600 phone? Its not VGA and the display goes very bright, so the ANTI glare should be the one that works best. Lorne S

Kelly T, New Zealand - WriteSHIELD

 Hi, Just a quick email to say "wow!" about the Write Shield Crystal Clear's. I must have installed it incorrectly back in August when I first got it as it had a few bubbles which I could get rid of. I just replaced it with the second shield that came with it and I must say it looks amazing. It is so clear and bright and no bubbles at all. One bubble got in there but two pushes with my finger nail and it was gone. Wow and thank you! Kelly T, Auckland, New Zealand

William B, Florida - WriteSHEILD

No particular request with this email rather kudos for getting my Write Shield protectors to me in record time. I placed my order on the afternoon of 6/28 and they arrived on 6/29 and I picked the cheapest shipping possible - cool. The Write Shield has already been installed and I now wonder why I have not investigated, purchased and used them all along vs. those 30 day at a stretch little OEM ones. Thanks to you and Fed Ex for getting the job done. Cheerio, William B

John K, Ohio - WriteSHIELD

 I just wanted to say that the WriteShield C2 protector I received today is fantastic. The fit is excellent, the transparency is wonderful, and I was able to achieve a dust and lint free perfectly aligned installation on the first try- something I have never achieved with any other protector. Thanks again for such a well made product- there was a lot of effort that went into it and it shows! All the best, John K

Jim M, Arizona - WriteSHIELD

I want to thank you all for such wonderful service when I called to place my order. The rep handled the order carefully and efficiently. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive in placing the order over the phone, but due to issues with my web browser, I could not place the order online. The rep carefully went through my order, making sure that what I was ordering was for the correct brand and model of pda, he discussed shipping options and completed the transaction with efficiency and trust. I just received my order today, which came a lot quicker than anticipated, but I received exactly what I ordered, the bill of sale was included and outlined everything order and discussed.
As for your products, they were most helpful in resolving the issues I've had with regards to having a good quality screen protector. The Write-Shield protector is the best I've used and is well worth the money. I had recently purchased a pack of universal screen protectors from a local electronics store. After going through four of them within the past month, I was very dissatisfied with the product and thought I was out of options.
I came across, during a search on the internet, Pocketpctech's Write-Shield and it sounded like the answer to my issue. I was unsure at the time if the cost was worth it, but I took the chance and I am happy I did.
Thanks again for a wonderful experience and for a wonderfully designed and function product that I will continue to use for my pda.
Jim M
Peoria, AZ

Patricia L, Florida - WriteSHIELD

I've only bought writeshield for my tabletpc's and I HATE the idea of having to go to another manufacturer to protect my new Cintiq 21UX!
Patricia L

Michael D, New York - WriteSHIELD

Thank you very much. I'm in sales so I can certainly understand and I will always refer others to PPCTechs based on both the level of service and quality of the products.

Tony C, United Kingdom - WriteSHIELD

The toothpicks arrived today. Thank you.Excellent service. I will certainly continue using and recommending WriteSHIELD screen protectors.Many Thanks
Tony C

Matthew P, Ohio - WriteSHIELD

Just wanted to thank you. When I purchased the protector over a year ago i was a bit scared of the price. I received the package in great time and right now I am wondering why it came with 2 protectors. I know the package was supposed to come with 2, but since putting the protector on, I have not had to remove it at all. There have been no marks or scratches like i was used to with fellows screenguards or other similar saran wrap solutions. I dimly remember the days before I got the Write Shield, there would always be a hole that formed where the close button is on the ppc within about 3 weeks, so I was changing screen protectors sometimes twice a month. Not only that, but there were always bubbles and they were always off center. The write shield is thick enough that it lays down and prevents bubbles from forming, and once its on, it stays on. I clean it once every few months, just with one of those alcohol clothes they give away at gas stations. At this rate, I will not have to replace the shield at any point, until I replace the ppc. Once that happens, I will be back to get all the upgrades and write shields you guys offer. I love showing it off to those less fortunate who have not heard of you guys. They are skeptical at first, because of the price compared to what they pay for cheapies, but once they find out how long mine has been on and how well it looks after a year of daily heavy use - they come right up and get thier own. I love you PPC Techs. You have made owning a ppc so much better. Matthew P, OH

Mark S, Massachusets - WriteSHIELD

To whom it may concern, I just installed one of your WriteShield screen protectors on my T3. Holy cow! It is awesome! I cannot believe how my stylus glides over it's surface! I had one of your competitor's products protecting the screen since I got the T3. There is no comparison! I am sorry I didn't install yours sooner. Thanks for making such an awesome product! Best regards, Mark S

Patrick D, California - WriteSHIELD

I received my order today and all I can say is WOW! What a great product. Very simple to apply, very incredible to use. I've absolutely impressed with this product and intend to tell everyone who's interested about it. Additionally, the service was fantastic! I placed my order on 12/23 and received the product on 12/27. Considering Christmas was right in the middle there that is unbelievable. I didn't figure I'd see my order until the middle of the week at the earliest. Thank you! You have easily earned repeat business from me.
Patrick D

William B, New Hampshire - WriteSHIELD

Thanks so much for the quick response!  I had ordered the screen protector from you relatively late, and was worried it wouldn't get here in time for my new iPaq (which is arriving today).  However, the screen protector got here today, ahead of schedule!  I'm so glad I won't have to use my beautiful new iPaq without screen protection.  Thanks again! Will

Julie B, Washington - WriteSHIELD

I bought my iPAQ 3900 two years ago and the first thing I put on it was a WriteSHIELD screen protector. I STILL am using the same screen protector. I have used and abused the screen protector by using pens and pencils to write on the screen when I couldn't find my stylus. I just take a little cleaner to clean it off and its good to go again. I originally had purchased three of them. One I gave to a friend, the other is still in a drawer. I remember using the "other" brand when I had an iPAQ 3600 and constantly was replacing screen proctectors every few weeks. No more! Julie B

Mark J, Minnesota - WriteSHIELD

Wish I had known about writeSHIELD when I first got the T3. Yours is the first product I've tried that fulfilled its advertising claims. In fact, you may be too modest. Now I wish I could have all the money I spent on other products that were both frustrating and ineffective. WriteSHIELD was easy to install, came with good instructions and is bubble free. In fact, this is the first time since I've owned the Palm that it's impossible to tell that a screen protector is installed. Mark J

Dianna P, Indianapolis - WriteSHIELD

I think your WRITE SHIELD is the best accessory I could have for my iPAQ 2215. I've tried others but yours is exceptionally more superior and durable. Thanks !!!! Dianna P

Warren B, Connecticut - WriteSHIELD

Hi Leonard,I just upgraded an older Palm unit to an IPAQ 2215 a few weeks ago. I love the new unit, but immediately needed some accessories. I ended up purchasing some screen protectors and spare stylus from Staples. What a mistake. The stylus were not HP - and they were very rough. They actually scratched the screen protector (luckily I had already installed it). However, I wasn't that happy with the "cheapy" screen protector - it was cloudy, had lots of bubbles, and didn't "feel" like the original screen surface (the products were from Belkin components - no relation to me).Then I got on the web and read about you folks. I ordered your WriteShield Pro kit - and I cannot say enough positive things about it. Here is a brief testimonial you can use: Your product is absolutely excellent. It is very clear, leaves absolutely NO bubbles, has a very similar feel to the original screen, and you have great tools & instructions with the kit. There is a night and day difference between your product and the "cheapy" one I purchased first. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is absolutely true. I am impressed with the quality of your products, the documentation, and quite frankly, the customer service & shipping. I don't often take time out of my schedule to write a testimonial, but you've created a fan and loyal customer out of me. Keep up the good work!Thanks. Warren B

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